Holmes County 911 Mapping

Using 911

911 is your first source of help in times of crisis and can mean the difference in life and death.  When you dial 911 in Holmes County, your call is routed to our 911 center and is immediately answered by a 911 dispatcher.  The dispatcher will see on their computer screen:

  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The address you are calling from, unless you are calling from a cell phone, then we see the longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • The GIS mapping system will display your location.

The dispatcher must verify your address, gather information about the call and dispatch the appropriate response to your location.  In critical or in-progress calls, the dispatcher may ask you to stay on the line with them if it is safe to do so.

GIS Mapping

Holmes County installed a new GIS mapping system in October of 2012. The system allows the callers location to be displayed on the map.

GIS (Geographical Information System) is not new to the 911 arena. The need to locate cellular calls with the Phase II of wireless 911 technologies has brought GIS to the forefront.

The GIS software called Orion Vela, and the software places an icon at the exact location of the call. If it is a 911 call from a landline phone, the location is based on the street address of the caller. If the call is a cellular call, the location is based on the X-Y coordinates supplied by the wireless carrier with the 911 call. The dispatcher sees a one mile square block of all the addresses and streets surrounding the call. The dispatcher can zoom in or out or pan across the map as needed to zero in on the caller’s location.

The GIS system contains over several layers of data displaying not only streets and house numbers, Fire Department boundaries, driveways, lakes, ponds, and surrounding county roads to name just a few.

The maintenance of the GIS system is done by the 911 Office. With any database, the information must be kept current to be effective. The 911 Office uses ESRI archives to maintain the data. There are different agencies or departments that the data is provided to. Every city and county department has the opportunity to use the GIS system.



Master Street Address Guide

Holmes County 911 created a Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) that can be used to search and verify if a street actually exists and shows the number ranges of the street. You can also verify the city and zip code for mailing purposes. The database contains all streets for Holmes County.

If you would like to search the MSAG database, Click Here